Hair Cuttery, this space is for you! It's a direct line from the Resource Center to support you, as you make our clients look and feel beautiful every day behind the chair. You can use the links below to reach Dear Valerie or Online Assistance.

Dear Valerie

Stylist Ambassador

Our Stylist Ambassador has one main goal:to listen to our Salon Professionals in an effort to seek understanding.

Valerie began her journey with Hair Cuttery as a Stylist at the age of 18, became an ASL, was a Maintenance coordinator at the Resource Center and was on the team that helped roll out Retail.Net to our salons.

With a passion for our Stylists, Valerie now travels all over "Hair Cuttery Land", visiting salons and simply listening to our people share their great ideas and suggestions.

If you would like to submit an idea or comment for Valerie to personally review, you can do so by clicking here.